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Draw With Me HomeSchool is coordinated by a Florida State certified teacher with nearly 20 years of expertise.  We are the bridge between books, fun and the real-world.

Draw With Me Shop provides annual homeschool evaluations.  Evaluations

-Assessment (Reading and/or Math)
-Portfolio Review
-Feedback & Recommendations
-Annual Evaluation Letter

​​Students do not have to be registered
with us to receive an evaluation.
Annual evaluations have a 
fee of $75.


We have options for homeschooling  settings! Homeschool can take place in pods (small groups).  Pods occur twice a week from 10am-1pm in a remote location on Miami Beach.  Parents also have the choice of selecting private education in the comfort of their homes.  Private sessions begin at 9am.


Fieldtrips are embedded in our program.  Real-world experiences and socialization are essential in education. Expect a field trip at least twice a month when you are registered with us!


We are a Parent's Choice Homeschool provider.  In most instances, parents are uncertain of which curriculum to use.  We recommend the Common Core and use it when given  the liberty.


Our registration fee is $75, which includes instructional materials and one uniform t-shirt.  We charge an hourly rate of $60/hour for pods and $75/hour for private education.  The Step Up for Kids Scholarship is accepted. We recommend that homeschool sessions are 2-3 hours long. Please contact us for more information.  


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homeschool & evaluations

Draw With Me Homeschool provides high quality instruction for students in grades K-8.  Our program is coordinated by a Florida  state certified educator with 20+ years of experience.

About Homeschool


Draw With Me Shop provides HomeSchool Evaluations that allow students to assessed and promoted to the next graded level.

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